My project this summer!

For my project this summer I will be looking at dmd genes and the how they effect expression of odr-10 in C. elegans. Previous research has shown that these genes play a role in the determining the sexual state in the nervous system, but a better understanding of it all is still needed. I will also be trying to confirm that dmd-6 is not expressed in AWA. Thus far I have been working on gateway cloning and initially had some struggles, but this past week I have been successful! In this upcoming week I am planning on setting up a genetic cross in order to determine if dmd-6 is being expressed in AWA.


These past two weeks alone I have already learned so many new skills and techniques that will be incredibly useful in the near future. I really look forward to seeing how my summer project progresses and keeping you guys updated weekly with all of my successes and (hopefully very few) failures!