Project Update 7/7/16

Things have been going pretty well the past two weeks! I’ve been scoring my prab-3::dmd-6 worms as well as my ptdc-1::dmd-6 worms. Just yesterday I learned the technique of dii staining. The actual process of the dii staining is very easy; you essentially just let the worms soak in fluorescent dye that is mixed with water. Then after an hour and a half or so you pipette that liquid dye containing the worms onto a clean plate. The more difficult part is actually looking at and identifying the stained cells on a microscope. It stains the amphid neurons in the worm and some of these neurons are clustered, so depending on what angle you’re looking at the worm from it can be challenging to tell exactly what each neuron is. Once I observe more worms in the next few days though I’m sure it’ll become significantly easier to identify these neurons!